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Workshops with Bethany

Think of Well Soul Studio workshops as a curated collection of brain-based concepts and relevant topics to apply to your everyday life. Various workshops are offered to explore topics at the intersection of psychology, spirituality, somatic therapy, neurobiology, and mindfulness. These workshops are offered with the intention of facilitating opportunities for clients to experience “bite-sized bits” of new learning to develop their heart, soul and mind.


Enneagram Discovery

The Enneagram is a unique map to your true authentic self. The Enneagram is an ancient tool that combines insight from psychology and spirituality that goes beyond mere personality type. Exploring the wisdom of the enneagram enables clients to discover deeper insights into their unique combination of personality, temperament, longings, motivation, and behavior. Customized workshops available for adults or mature teens.

Finding Calm In The Storm

The mind-body connection is a skill that has been lost in our culture of striving, multitasking, hustle, relentless media options, and constant access to everyone and everything via the internet. If you long to nurture a gentler approach to life, reduce anxiety, develop the ability to access inner peace and increase your capacity to engage with the present moment, this workshop will be a quiet retreat for your soul.

Quieting the Inner Critic

Do you struggle with the voice of an inner critic that constantly reminds you of your shortcomings, flaws, failures, and unmet expectations? Do you find that you are kinder to others than you are to yourself? If you desire to nurture self-acceptance, quiet self-judgment, and release the impossible standards you have created for yourself, this workshop will offer step-by-step pathway. Create the mindset to encourage and accept yourself with compassion and kindness. 

Soul Care for mental health & Wellness

We all feel anxious at times because worry is a normal, but temporary, emotional response to uncertainty. Likewise, we all feel depressed at times because sadness is normal, but temporary, emotional response to situations that challenge our happiness and hopefulness. This workshop will empower you with brain-based science to eliminate the behaviors that trigger an increase in feelings of anxiety and depression.

There are many tools and wellness practices that individuals with a normal experience of anxiety can use to cope with worry and build resilience to uncertainty. There are many tools and wellness practices that individuals with a normal experience of sadness can use to cope with feeling down and prevent a downward spiral. Building new neural pathways, and pruning away unhelpful old pathways, can help you find joy and contentment regardless of your circumstances.

*For those individuals whose experience of anxiety or depression is debilitating, therapy may be the right next step. Please consult your doctor for a referral.

Happy Notes From Clients
A capacity to listen deeply
Bethany brings a capacity to listen deeply, with sincere compassion, that cares for the individual client. I enjoyed my time with Bethany and appreciate an important “ah-ha” moment I gained in my session with her.
Santa Rosa, CA
A lasting impact
Bethany is a truly fantastic coach. There was one particular session I had with Bethany that was so powerful, it felt like a breakthrough, and left a lasting positive impact on all areas of my life. I can’t recommend her enough.
London, England
A coach for your soul
Bethany is a coach for your soul, creating space and movement in the right amounts. She has an ability to provide a plethora of resources and connections while also giving the gift of deep listening. I highly recommend her!!
Appleton, WI

Endless Possibilities

Workshops are announced in the Well Soul Studio Newsletter.

    Live Workshop via Zoom

    Part group coaching, part workshop, entirely worth your time! Workshop attendance has limited enrollment, so sign up for the email list and be notified when our next session is open for registration.

    Pre-Recorded Workshop

    Same content as live workshops, self-paced and on-demand for those who prefer a DIY approach to personal development.

    Customized Workshop via Zoom

    Interested in a private workshop for your small group of friends? Contact Bethany for more information.