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Begin your Journey with Personalized Support

Are you facing an exciting transition, navigating unexpected changes, feeling stuck, or experiencing everything falling apart? I’m here to offer you the support and guidance you need on your personal journey. With a warm and inviting approach, I provide personalized services that are tailored to your unique needs, helping you navigate life’s obstacles. Let’s create intentional space for you to develop as a whole person through coaching the heart, soul and mind.


I know what it’s like to feel stuck, discouraged, doubting your own intuition, and endlessly seeking answers from anywhere but from within. What if you learned to trust your own wisdom for the next step in your journey? 

Let me customize a coaching experience and provide resources to empower you to find answers within yourself.  Let’s collaborate to create an intentional space for you to develop your heart, soul and mind through personal development, spiritual formation, enneagram discovery or mental health coaching.

All new clients begin with the “Foundation Package”

This signature package provides you with:

A comprehensive intake process

detailed session notes

1 hour pre-coaching session to review intake form and set goals

digital resources and downloads to reference outside of coaching sessions 

6 one-hour sessions scheduled twice a month

direct access to the coach between sessions

Compassion embodied

Bethany is compassion embodied. She holds her clients within a sacred container that helps you feel seen, heard, and cared for. When I have a coaching session, I always walk away lighter and a little bit freer.  She is highly skilled and attuned to the nuances of not only what I say but also what I don’t say that often holds a magic key for new understanding. My soul is definitely well when I am working with Bethany.

Longmont, CO


Think of Well Soul Studio workshops as a curated collection of brain-based concepts and relevant topics to apply to your everyday life. Various workshops are offered to explore topics at the intersection of psychology, spirituality, somatic therapy, neurobiology, and mindfulness. These workshops are offered with the intention of facilitating opportunities for clients to experience “bite-sized bits” of new learning to develop their heart, soul and mind.

Live Workshop via Zoom

Part group coaching, part workshop, entirely worth your time! Workshop attendance has limited enrollment, so sign up for the email list and be notified when our next session is open for registration.

Pre-Recorded Workshop

Same content as live workshops, self-paced and on-demand for those who prefer a DIY approach to personal development.

Customized Workshop via Zoom

Interested in a private workshop for your small group of friends? Contact Bethany for more information.

Allowing me space

Bethany helped me break through the negative self-talk cycle I was stuck in and taught me how to turn my thinking towards self-acceptance and self-love. She also helped me to push-back on the “shoulds” I created while allowing me space to realize what I truly value and want in this season of life.

St. Charles, IL

Frequently Asked Questions

“Instead of putting all our stock in getting the answers right, let’s instead turn our energies towards asking really good questions, towards the possibility of multiple things being true, of there being any number of ways we could go, any numbers of decisions we could make, and that we would find our way in any one of them.”

— Liz Milani

Anyone can call themselves a coach. However, passion for coaching isn’t enough. Formalized education, stringent coaching training, mentoring by a master coach, accountability for pursuing accreditation, upholding the International Coaching Federation Core Competencies & Code of Ethics, and ongoing professional growth are essential in rising above and becoming a coach gifted enough to care for another person’s soul.

I completed my Master’s Degree in Community Counseling at Loyola University of Chicago. I completed my coaching certification through the highly regarded Wayfinder Life Coach Training. This program was created by best-selling author Martha Beck (BA, MA and PhD from Harvard University.)  I have submitted to the rigorous accreditation requirements of the International Coaching Federation to demonstrate my commitment to the highest coaching standards. I am certified through the International Coaching Federation and a member.

Coaching is a collaborative, solution-focused professional relationship where the coach supports the client in identifying and achieving their personal goals by asking insightful questions, listening deeply, sharing tools, and empowering the client to tap into their own insight and make decisions aligned with their values and aspirations.

Counseling is a clinical relationship where the counselor, as an expert, guides the client in addressing specific problems through exploration of past experiences, identification of root causes, and creation of a treatment plan with the goal of improving mental health and overall functioning, often related to diagnosed mental disorders or unresolved trauma.

If you are not struggling with a mental health crisis (anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, etc) you may be wondering what resources are available to help you grow. Let’s create intentional space for you to develop as a whole person through coaching the heart, soul & mind.

If I determine a client’s needs would better be served by another clinician (counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist, etc) I will always make that recommendation. For a detailed explanation of coaching vs counseling please read the blog entry below.

I genuinely believe in the goodness of humanity and that most people are doing the best they can. We are a cumulative expression of our experiences, memories, upbringing, limiting beliefs, trauma, unmet expectations, longings, hopes and dreams. Sometimes we have developed coping mechanisms or defensive strategies early in our life that are no longer serving us and possibly impacting those around us in negative ways. However, when we know better we have the capacity to do better.

Though we cannot go back and change the past, we can start where we are and make changes to impact our present and future. Not everyone is experiencing a mental health crisis that requires therapy, but everyone should have the opportunity to engage in a professional relationship that promotes personal growth. Let’s create intentional space for you to develop as a whole person through coaching the heart, soul & mind.

Through a collaborative partnership between coach and client, I will provide resources and tools to empower you to find your own answers to mind-body wellness on a soul level.  We so often look to experts for answers yet ignore the wisdom within ourselves given by the Holy Spirit if we are Christ followers. That is at the heart of Christian coaching.

Finally, I am a person of faith and bring that perspective to my work as a coach. More more information on how faith impacts my practice, please read the question regarding “Soul Care as Self Care.”

I offer spiritually sensitive coaching for women who have a strong connection to their soul.  I believe when we engage in wellness and self-care we should be intentional about caring for our soul as much as we care for our body and our mind. One of the ways I do this is by introducing the ancient, transformational approach of the Enneagram into my coaching sessions. Another is by encouraging contemplative practices from spiritual formation for those who want to dig a little deeper into their spiritual walk.

I coach through the lens of a deeply held spiritual embodiment. If your experience of faith has not been positive, I promise that in my coaching sessions, you will never be judged or treated differently if you do not share my beliefs. I may be more conservative, or more liberal, than the views you hold but that is not necessarily a stumbling block.

I acknowledge that, unfortunately, far too many people on a faith journey have been deeply hurt and alienated by churches and religious people. However, Jesus of the Bible intentionally sought out the disenfranchised, hurting, broken, outcast, and lost in the hopes of building a relationship and creating a way for us to know him. 

When I say I am a Christ-follower, or a Christian, it is through the personhood of Jesus of the Bible that I am aligning (and not with an individual church, pastor, or religious denomination). My faith rests in my personal relationship with Jesus, not an inaccurate image or misrepresentation that a client may have encountered in a specific church, or with a specific individual, claiming to be a person of faith.

I have done deep work in acknowledging my own bias and privilege and was honored to be invited to learn and grow in a racial reconciliation group in the fall/winter of 2020-2021. I strive to demonstrate empathy, compassion, love, acceptance, and culturally responsive care to all I encounter in my private practice and in my life.

Let’s chat in a discovery session to see if we would be a good fit as coach and client. If we don’t click, I can offer recommendations to other colleagues, as well as resources, to help you find a coach that will meet your needs.

P.S. I’m often asked about inspiration behind name of the studio. The name Well Soul Studio was inspired by an classic hymn written in 1876 called “It Is Well With My Soul”.

The opening verse states:
“When peace, like a river, attendeth my way,
When sorrow, like sea billows, roll
Whatever my lot, Thou has taught me to say
It is well, it is well, with my soul.”

I have learned that no matter what happens in the circumstances of my life, my soul can still be well. This is a truth I have learned through some very challenging times. My hope for you that your joy and contentment is not solely tied to your circumstances, but a deeper connection in your soul. How can I help you achieve this level of soul care?

All client sessions are facilitated through Zoom. Wherever you have a quiet space to think and speak freely, I can meet you there virtually. Some clients have engaged in their coaching session while walking their dogs on a trail, sitting in their favorite chair at home with a cup of coffee, taking a lunch break at work, in the car between dropping off and picking up preschoolers, or in a rocking chair during baby’s nap time. I have clients who have shown up in pajamas makeup free, fully dressed for work, or fresh off a workout and not yet showered. I really encourage you to genuinely come as you are regardless of your time zone. As long as you have access to the internet, we can meet via Zoom.

A common thread held by my clients is the deep knowing that something is no longer working in their life and they want to learn to trust their inner wisdom when figuring out the next step of their journey. When a client decides to pursue coaching, they may be on the verge of an exciting transition, in the midst of everything falling apart, navigating an unexpected change, or struggling with feeling stuck.  I customize the coaching experience to meet the needs and goals of each individual client, as well as provide resources and tools to empower each client to find their own answers from within. I primarily work with women ranging college age through retirees.

Great question! My personal belief is that growth does not occur in a single session, but in a collaborative coaching process, as well as in the space between sessions. Just as an athlete collaborates with a strength and conditioning coach throughout their season, a personal trainer guides an individual towards their personalized fitness goals as they establish new habits, or a physical therapist works to restore an injury as much as prevent future injury, a life coach’s impact cannot be fully realized in one session. 

Growth takes time, especially when considering a holistic approach engaging the client’s mind, body, and soul.  My coaching style is founded in a collaborative relationship that supports client growth through all stages of the change cycle. Clients acknowledge areas that are no longer working in their life, dream about new possibilities, gain insight, apply that insight as actionable steps between sessions, evaluate what is working for them and what needs to evolve, and continue the conversation with the coach over several months as they move towards their goals.

Established clients, who have completed the initial Foundation Package, have additional options including next step packages and single sessions for coaching maintenance.

Yes, I can schedule a client’s invoice payments so that the balance is spread out over the course of a client’s coaching experience. Coaching is an investment of a client’s time, financial resources, and the capacity to intentionally apply the insight gained in the sessions to daily life. Package prices reflect the coach’s advanced degrees, accreditation and certifications.

I recognize that for some, purchasing a coaching package might be a financial hardship. With the intention of making soul care accessible for all, a limited number of coaching packages are available at a reduced rate for clients demonstrating financial hardship. Scholarship options can be explored by contacting Bethany for more information.

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