Coaching with Bethany

I know what it’s like to feel stuck, discouraged, doubting your own intuition, and endlessly seeking answers from anywhere but from within.

If you are not struggling with a mental health crisis (anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, etc) you may be wondering what resources are available to help you grow.

Let’s create intentional space for you to develop as a whole person through coaching the heart, soul and mind.

Does this sound familiar?

You are weary and generally discontent.

You feel lost, aimless, and without direction.

You feel stuck unable to make the changes you desire.

You strive endlessly for balance but it seems elusive.

You struggle with an inner critic or imposter syndrome.

You are stressed out, anxious, and longing for peace.

You are spiritually longing but uncertain how to go deeper in your faith.

What if you learned to trust your own wisdom for the next step in your journey?

Let me customize a coaching experience and provide resources to empower you to find answers within yourself.  Let’s collaborate to create intentional space for you to (re)discover your authentic self and tend your soul. Coaching can help you develop as a whole person through coaching the heart, soul & mind.

Foundation Coaching Package

As a new client, you will begin with the “Foundation Package”. This signature package provides new clients with exceptional coaching and practical resources.

Detailed Intake

Before your very first coaching session, you will complete a detailed new client questionnaire to share a bit of your background, your story, identify your expectations, and clarify goals for the upcoming coaching sessions.

Seamless Client Experience

You will have access to a secure client portal for onboarding processes where you will be able to complete your questionnaire, intake form, sign the coaching agreement, schedule your sessions, pay invoices, access Zoom link, or send the coach a message.

1 Pre-Coaching Session + 6 One-Hour Coaching Sessions

The Foundation Package offers 1 pre-coaching session that dives into your questionnaire. Each subsequent session is uniquely customized to your specific goals. You will receive 6 one-hour sessions, scheduled every other week, over the course of three months.

Session Notes

Clients of the Foundation Package also receive the benefit of detailed session notes, with reminders of key insights and topics shared, after each coaching session.

Resources and Tools

In many sessions, you will receive practical coaching tools you can use in your daily life. Downloadable resources will be provided for you to reference outside of the sessions as you apply the insight gained in our sessions. 

Direct Access

Whether it’s a quick question between sessions, or a detailed update, you can reach out to the coach anytime for encouragement, support, or to follow up. Clients can count on up to 3 hours of additional support between sessions, throughout the coaching package.

Your Investment

Please contact Bethany for customized pricing on your Foundation Coaching Package.

Additional packages, and individual maintenance sessions, are available to established clients.

❤ A limited number of scholarships and sliding scale packages are available to those experiencing financial hardship. ❤

Approached areas of my life that felt shameful

I wondered what coaching would be like and if I would find it beneficial. Was I surprised!  I found I had areas of my life that had been hidden and frozen from movement.  Through Bethany’s coaching, I experienced tenderness to approach and look at areas of my life that felt shameful. Shifting how I looked at or how I spoke about myself made a HUGE adjustment in areas of my life.

Zeeland, MI

I’m ready to take the next step. Now what?

1. Set up a discovery call

A discovery call is a complimentary, 30-minute Zoom meeting for us to meet. The intention of this time is for me to learn more about you, discover what your goals are for coaching, and answer any questions you may have about my coaching process.

2. Invest in a coaching package

New clients begin with the Foundation Package, which is the signature coaching package for all clients to start their journey. Clients receive up to 10 hours of connection over the course of the package. Established clients have additional package and single session options.

3. Complete client onboarding process

Well Soul Studio has created a seamless onboarding experience. As a client, you will be able to complete your documents (questionnaire, intake forms, and coaching agreement) online in a private client portal. Once completed, you will have access to online scheduling and secure payment options at your convenience.

4. Begin your coaching journey

Celebrate yourself for taking the time, and making the investment in your personal growth. Whether you are embarking on an exciting transition in your life, navigating an unexpected challenge, or struggling with feeling stuck, I will customize the coaching experience to meet your needs and empower you to find answers from within yourself.

Have questions? Check out our FAQs here.

Tremendous support

Bethany helped me unpack a bundle of complex thoughts and emotions surrounding a high-pressure work situation, the negative outcome of which had plagued me for quite some time. She did this with tremendous support, care, skill, and patience utilizing a series of skillful questions that helped me to investigate deep inside the situation and myself.

Brussels, Belgium

Not quite ready to commit to a Coaching Package?

Sign up for the Well Soul Studio, LLC mailing list and learn about upcoming opportunities. Another option is to invest in a pre-recorded workshop for a more DIY experience for personal development.