Hi, I’m Bethany Grace

Certified Coach
Personal Development, Soul care, Enneagram Discovery

I look forward to getting to know you as we work together collaboratively in a coaching relationship. Let’s create intentional space for you to develop as a whole person through coaching the heart, soul, and mind.

Your Story, Your Next Steps: How My Life Experiences Inform My Coaching for You

We may connect because…

Like many clients, I’ve walked through some dark nights of the soul. There have been chapters in my life that include childhood trauma, family estrangement, deep grief, infertility, miscarriages, chronic pain, loss of direction and faith. I’ve also basked in the warm light of hope. Chapters that include healing, renewed dreams, rebuilding a life, transracial adoption, resilience of spirit, forgiveness, and an authentic faith journey.

Our lives are a continual balance between challenging circumstances that can take us to the edge of what we can endure and moments of pure joy that find us in unexpected places. I know what surviving hard looks like. I know what finding joy feels like. I am comfortable meeting clients wherever they are in their circumstances and consider it an honor holding space for clients to explore their next steps. 

You are welcome here because…

I genuinely believe in the goodness of humanity and that most people are doing the best they can.
We are a cumulative expression of our experiences, memories, upbringing, limiting beliefs, trauma, unmet expectations, longings, hopes and dreams. Sometimes we have developed coping mechanisms or defensive strategies early in our life that are no longer serving us and possibly impacting those around us in negative ways. However, when we know better we have the capacity to do better. Though we cannot go back and change the past, we can start where we are and make changes to impact our present and future. Creating intentional space to nurture your faith and tend to your heart, soul and mind is an important step in growth.

If we met at a coffeehouse…

If we met at an independent coffeehouse in my quaint hometown of Geneva, IL, you would find me sitting in a cozy chair by a sunny window drinking a vanilla latte or a fresh brewed iced tea lemonade.


Though my personality leans towards introversion, I love people and listening to their stories. Those closest to me say my superpowers are listening and asking thoughtful questions.


I am a deep thinker and feeler, lead with my heart, and prefer to bypass small talk to really get to know the person sitting with me.


I am interested in the intersection of psychology, spirituality, somatic therapy, neurobiology, and mindfulness as well as how we can apply these constantly evolving and complex subjects to our uniquely individual and precious lives.

Though trained as a counselor, I chose to become a certified life coach because of the undeniable transformative power of the collaborative coaching relationship.

Not everyone is experiencing a mental health crisis that requires therapy, but everyone should have the opportunity to engage in a professional Christian coaching relationship that promotes personal growth.

Long Story Short

Creator of Well Soul Studio

Happily married for over 20 years.  A blessed mom of an amazing teenage daughter. Dog walker and treat giver to one special rescue dog. Beach, mountain, and forest seeker. Book lover, nature hiker, and amateur kayaker.

I will never pass up an opportunity for live theater, a concert, visiting a museum or art gallery. Travel takes me way outside my comfort zone, but I embrace the discomfort because seeing the world in person offers a unique opportunity for personal growth (and pictures are better than postcards!)

I tend to resist labels, always searching for a deeper story. However, for those who prefer scientifically validated assessments:

Enneagram: Type 2
Myers-Briggs: INFJ
Kolbe: Fact Finder
Gallup Strengths Finder: Learner, Belief, Developer, Empathy, and Individualization.
// Dark chocolate savorer
// Guatemalan coffee favorer
// Community Volunteer
// Christ Follower

Why work with me?



I am passionate about creating intentional spaces for personal growth by customizing a coaching package for a client’s heart, mind and soul.


Education & Experience

Originally educated as a teacher, I subsequently attended Loyola University of Chicago and pursued a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling. My career has included a variety of roles: educator, counselor, trauma therapist, and care coordinator in settings ranging from schools to public mental health agencies to ministry. During a wonderful season as a stay-at-home mom, I dreamed of opening my own private practice. After a life-changing experience, I learned first-hand the power of coaching as a tool of transformation. My journey let to founding Well Soul Studio, LLC in 2021.


My calling

Though trained as a counselor, I chose to become a certified coach because of the undeniable transformative power of the collaborative coaching relationship. Coaching is my calling, my purpose in life, an expression of the best parts of my gifts, talents, passions, and training. I consider it an honor to engage with a client in their most vulnerable and authentic moments, facilitating opportunities for growth.



Finally, I am a person of faith and bring that perspective to my work. For more details on how faith impacts my coaching practice, please visit the FAQ section.

Anyone can call themselves a coach

What sets me apart?

I embraced a multi-disciplinary approach on my educational journey which includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, a Master’s Degree in Community Counseling, advanced certifications in Coaching, the Enneagram, and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy. I have pursued additional training in Mindfulness, Spiritual Formation, Neurobiology, and Neuropsychology on a personal and professional level. My desire to continually learn from a wide source of experts allows me to integrate a variety of modalities and to customize a coaching experience unique to each client.

Happy Notes From Clients
A grace-filled space

As a helping professional, I am used to creating space to listen and reflect for others, but don’t always set aside that time for myself. I’m grateful that Bethany provides such a grace-filled space for me to share! Her coaching style is equal parts grace and challenge. She pauses to allow time for reflection and reframes things in a way that never makes me feel dumb for not having figured it out for myself.

Cincinnati, OH
Truly been life-changing

My time with Bethany has truly been life changing. When I began working with her, I had some major emotional and mental barriers up. Through my time with her, she helped me to pinpoint why I built them in the first place, and gave me the support to break them down. Because of her coaching, I’m more confident in myself as a mom, something I was struggling with. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

Campton Hills, IL

How we work at Well Soul Studio

My role as the founder of this coaching practice is to create an intentional space that feels safe enough for clients to develop as a whole person through coaching the heart, soul and mind. How do I do that?


In this space, I ask clients insightful questions and listen deeply to issues that are important in their lives.


I assist clients in identifying areas of dissatisfaction, and explore alternative approaches to their situation.


In a collaborative approach, I will share resourceful tools and facilitate experiential opportunities to help clients attune to their own insight as they make a decision, navigate a change, or challenge an old way of thinking, feeling, or behaving.

When a client decides to pursue coaching, they may be on the verge of an exciting transition, in the midst of everything falling apart, navigating an unexpected change, or struggling with feeling stuck. 

A common thread held by my clients is the deep knowing that something is no longer working in their life and they want to trust their inner voice when figuring out the next step of their journey. 

I customize the coaching experience to meet the needs and goals of each individual client, as well as provide resources and tools to empower each client to find their own answers.

If you are not struggling with a mental health crisis (anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, etc) professional Christian coaching may be a great next step for you.


In addition to an M.Ed. in Community Counseling from Loyola University of Chicago, I have advanced certifications in Coaching, the Enneagram, and Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy. I pursued additional training in Mindfulness, Spiritual Formation, and Neurobiology on a personal and professional level.

ICF-International Coaching Federation
ACC Certification

ICF Member
ICF-International Coaching Federation

Wayfinder Life Coach Certification
Program certified by Martha Beck

Integrated Somatic Trauma Therapy
By Dr. Arielle Schwartz, Dr. Scott Lyons, Nkem Ndefo

Coaching with the Enneagram
Program certified by Ginger Lapid-Bogda

Enneagram Spectrum part 1 & 2
Program certified by Dr. Jerry Wagner

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction
By Duke University Health & Wellbeing

Motions of Soul Enneagram
Program certified by Clare Loughrige

Becoming Enneagram Coach
Program certified by Beth McCord

A rare gift

Rarely have I met a person who made me feel so comfortable from the first time I met them, like I could tell them anything and not regret it. Someone with extraordinary empathy and compassion that made me feel truly seen, heard, and validated. But that is certainly an accurate picture of Bethany’s practice. What a rare gift she has as a coach.

Chicago, IL