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Helping You (Re)Discover

Your Wisdom

Not everyone is experiencing mental health crisis that requires therapy, however each person should have the opportunity to engage in a professional relationship that promotes personal growth.

Helping You (Re)Discover

Your Wisdom

Does this sound familiar?

You are weary and generally discontent.

You are unable to identify something specifically wrong in your life, but deep down you feel discontent and weary. You find comparison is stealing your joy. You feel depleted and without peace. With coaching, discover the root of your discontentment and experience a peace and joy not defined by your circumstances.

You feel lost, aimless, and without direction.

You are unsure of your next step, struggle with decision fatigue, unable to trust your intuition. Instead of searching for the “right answer” outside yourself, learn to trust the wisdom within you for discernment. With coaching, learn to seek authentic truth and apply wisdom to your everyday life.

You feel stuck and unable to make the changes you desire.

Despite your best intentions to change an unproductive behavior, develop a good habit, or challenge a spiraling thought, you find that you continue to react in ways you dislike.With coaching, discover what is preventing you from changing and learn how to respond effectively to life’s challenges.

You strive endlessly for balance but it seems elusive.

You find your people-pleasing tendencies are depleting you. You feel as if you’ve lost the ability to find balance amidst all the responsibility you carry in your family or at work. With coaching, learn to set healthy boundaries that strengthen and empower you in personal and work relationships.

You struggle with an inner critic or imposter syndrome.

You are acquainted with an inner voice that reminds you of your shortcomings, flaws, failures, and unmet expectations. With coaching, nurture self-acceptance, quiet self-judgment, and release yourself from impossible standards. Discover your Enneagram type to embrace your gifts, talents and temperament so you can thrive.

You are stressed, anxious, and longing for peace.

In a culture of striving, multitasking, and endless distractions that result in disconnection, you long for peace and spiritual connection. With coaching, nurture a gentler approach to life, increase your capacity to engage with the present moment, and deepen your spiritual walk.

I see you. I’ve been there too.

Let’s create intentional space for you to develop as a whole person through coaching the heart, soul, and mind.

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Let’s Work Together

Coaching With Bethany

Whether you’re on the verge of an exciting transition, navigating an unexpected change, struggling with feeling stuck, or in the midst of everything falling apart…

Let’s work 1:1 together so you can learn how to trust your inner voice and figure out the next step of your journey.

Happy Notes From Clients
A grace-filled space
I’m grateful that Bethany provides such a grace-filled space for me to share! Her coaching style is equal parts grace and challenge. She pauses to allow time for reflection and reframes things in a way that never makes me feel dumb for not having figured it out for myself.
Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
A lasting impact
Bethany is a truly fantastic coach. There was one particular session I had with Bethany that was so powerful, it felt like a breakthrough, and left a lasting positive impact on all areas of my life. I can’t recommend her enough.
London, England
Truly life-changing
My time with Bethany has truly been life-changing. I had some major emotional and mental barriers and she helped me to pinpoint why I built them in the first place and gave me the support to break them down. Because of her coaching, I’m more confident in myself as a mom, something I was struggling with!
Campton Hills, Illinois, USA
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